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New low cost vehicle light pods for Norfolk Constabulary

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Recently iDeas Design were approached by the automotive department at the Norfolk Constabulary HQ to design a smaller and more cost effective solution to the current range of window mounted light pods for their fleet of vehicles.

New 3D printed light pod behind the original showing the size comparison

The current versions are vacuum formed and require extra drilling and cutting to fit the lights, adding extra time and cost. They are also quite large and bulky, which takes up more space on the windows.

3 and 6 LED Light Pods

Deas Design have now designed a lower cost 3D printed version which we can manufacture in house and have received our first order for production parts. Our robust designs can easily be modified to suit the various angles of windscreens and side windows offering a custom product without the extra cost.

Windscreen mounted light pod
Side window light pod


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